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Imported Premium Gift Set Good Days Korean Red Ginseng Premium LOVE (12g x 30 Sticks/Box) 高级韩国进口 韩国红参 (12g x 30支装)



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  • Hygienic Individual Stick type – Easy Cut Product – Easily to Eat Anywhere, Anytime

  • Type : Liquid Extract ( Stick type )

  • Package Included : 12g X 30 Sticks ( 360g )

  • Activates immune function, increase fatigue recovery, healthy blood flow

An exquisite blend of Korean Yaguanmun and red ginseng for women’s healthcare!

6-year-old red ginseng Yaguanmun stick for a vibrant new power~~

#6-year-old 100% Korean Red Ginseng

Domestic 6-year-old red ginseng concentrate reduces artificial sweeteners as much as possible and is flavored with good Chinese ingredients.

# Healthy Korean Red Ginseng Stick

In addition to red ginseng, we’ve added healthy Chinese medicine ingredients such as injin, daechu, heavenly palace, resyntial, sukjihuang, sugar, peany, licorice, and cinnamon.


▶ Red Ginseng Stick From Korean Red Ginseng

▶ 100% Korean 6-year-old red ginseng

▶ addition of healthy chinese medicine ingredients such as injin, manchu, heavenly palace, resynthe, sukjihuang, sugar, peiji, licorice, cinnamon, as well as red ginseng

▶ easy-to-carry stick type red samstick type

▶ easy to carry with you, so you can take care of your health anytime, anywhere.


What kind of 蔘 of hemp? What is Red Ginseong?

The types of hemp are very diverse. Red ginseng? Ginseng? Sansam? Camphor ginseng?

Although there are several hemps, the exact description of red ginseng is called red ginseng, which is steamed and dried in steam as it is peeled through the washing process of preciously grown ginseng.

★ Effect of red ginseng and its effect on the body ★

Red ginseng 5 functional recognized by the Food and Drug Administration – improves immunity, improves fatigue recovery, blood flow through platelet aggregation, improves memory, and antioxidant effects


★ characteristics of good days red ginseng ★

Red ginseng – is known to help blood flow through fatigue recovery, immunity enhancement, platelet aggregation and aggregation.

Tiangung – Healing women’s disease (the ingredients of the heavenly palace include volatile essential oils, alcohol, phenolic substances, sadanonic acid, etc., and are used in a variety of fields, such as liver and kidneys in a hanbang, good for women’s disease, also used for infertility and help blood donation, back and skeletal pain, bruises, memory decay, etc.)

Jujubee – the 脾 (補) and harmonizes the above (胃), and generations a jinnyeo to increase the period (eddy), and releases the poison of the drug.

Dingi – helps the metabolism and diseases of the body, so improves blood circulation, promotes appetite through vitality enhancement, can help in the treatment of gynecologic diseases caused by blood circulation.

Resymed mushrooms – in modern phases are used in patioies souch as tumors, variant hepatitis, diseases of interest病 (冠, coronary atherosclerosis), mental reticence, old age low, chronic, hyperdistension, multiple myalitis.

Sookjihyeung – It is said to protect blood and replenish the back and knees to treat sore symptoms, menstruation problems, disorders, etc., and blackens hair.

Earl’s medicine – can help analgesic, antipyretic, antispyretic, diuretic, hematemia, jihan (not sweating).

Licorice – the root is effective in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immune function anti-inflammatory.

Cinnamon – contains sugars of carbohydrates, inorganic iron and B vitamins, there are sinamic acids and essential oils are used as flavorings. It warms the digestive system and uterus in one room and is effective against menstrual cramps.

* However, if you have a lot of heat or are pregnant, limit your use.


Let’s learn about the benefits of red ginseng!

  • Activates immune function

Red ginseng can help maintain healthy immune function by increasing the activity of immune cells. To maintain healthy immune function, proper immune cells must play their part smoothly.

Ginseng red ginseng can help the immune system by increasing the required immune cells or controlling its function.

  • Increases fatigue recovery

Red ginseng is believed to improve fatigue recovery by regulating energy-producing hormones secreted by the sewage gland in the trhyx brain.

  • Healthy blood flow

Red ginseng can help maintain healthy blood flow through excessive platelet aggregation by inhibiting substances that cause platelet aggregation.